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Version 4.2.6, released on 2022-05-09.

Binaries File name
Windows Infos + Download
Ubuntu/Linux Mint tvbrowser_4.2.6-1_all.deb
SHA1: a2becf65d1fd759da8d1dbda35c895120f59733b
MD5: b7febb8c5f23755d3e7c28b12fbbcbe6
Fedora/Suse tvbrowser-4.2.6-1.noarch.rpm
SHA1: 402adc28813e27f2bb693bf108413137656273c8
MD5: 501df38cc7d31caca86a23d5b0142d70
GNU/Linux tvbrowser_4.2.6_bin.tar.gz
SHA1: eb29d346522ef73b591d6762d81df130a7f2914f
MD5: d648eda74cdf934aecf8c1da640805bf
macOS Image Infos + Download
for transportable media Infos + Download
SHA1: 5d646fedc582facb5040c6ade32ddde89615ba8c
MD5: cebf7046111df6795f3df38e51451ff9

You can use older versions of TV-Browser if your operating system didn't support Java 11 (or higher). You will find here.

Changelog of the current version

Download guide

Please don't click with the right mouse button. These are links to the SourceForge system. Our files are stored there for download. After you've clicked with the left mouse button you will be redirect to the wanted file, just wait until the countdown is finished and the download will start. Absolutely don't click on any shown advertisement banners or links on the page. The files are stored on different servers to lower the load. Please notice that it can be problematic to use download managers.


TV-Browser for Android (since 3.0) is available as download.

To TV-Browser for Android

Other packages

Other packages for other operating systems you will find here.

Newest development version (Nightly)

You can download a nightly version of TV-Browser, if you want to test the newest features and bug fixes. Read the wiki for more.

You will need Java!

TV-Browser needs the Java runtime environment (JRE) 11.0. (or higher). (Help)

Other infos

You will find a list with all changes until 2.6alpha3 in our changelog. From 2.6beta1 to 3.3.3 the changelog could be found in the TV-Browser Jira (no longer available). Since 3.4 the changelog can be found at

Source code

Sources File name
SHA1: 0746422a1a621dc30a460f39338ebea1617c689a
MD5: e675f0c5aa1f0c793549e43eb5faed9b