Instructions for transportable version

For the transportable version to run you will need a JRE 11.


You can choose between the TV-Browser JRE which then has to be installed into the directory of the transportable version or Eclipse Temurin by Adoptium JRE/JDK 11 which then will be installed on the system. If you choose the latter make sure sure to select the writing of the Registy entries for the JRE, without those entries in the Windows Registry TV-Browser will not find the installed Java.


Install the OpenJDK JRE 11 provided by your distribution on the system.


Download the JRE 11 from Eclipse Temurin by Adoptium for macOS and install it on the system.


TV-Browser transportable 4.2.7:
SHA1: d3b804d7c8b68e7218ef5bd1d4f137e6f8f955c7
MD5: a6d6ceab370865db58009b5b6dc92758