Instructions for macOS

Since Mac OS X 10.8 software has to be signed to be installed without problems with Gatekeeper. As we are not able nor willing to pay for signing TV-Browser, you need to start TV-Browser in a certain way.

  1. Start TV-Browser once for the first time and cancel the error message.
  2. Right click on the TV-Browser icon and select Open from the menu. You will then get an error message with the option to open TV-Browser.
  3. After TV-Browser was opened that way once the error message will no longer appear.

Download for Mac OS X with Java since version 11: tvbrowser_4.2.6_macjava.dmg from
SHA1: c7345c4edaff5017f4e7243b665dab80fbd862c6
MD5: 2eb82c84f05a6b24143b769c8c0557c1

The needed JRE for Java 11 is available at