TV-Browser 4.2.4 Final

First I would like to use this chance to thank all donors, without the donations TV-Browser could not be provided in the current form with such a big channel variety!

TV-Browser 4.2.4 is the newest stable version of TV-Browser and is now available. The development for this version was targeted at finding bugs. Therefor TV-Browser 4.2.4 is not only more stable than the previous version but also produces less CPU load under certain conditions.

Additional to fixing bugs TV-Browser 4.2.4 also contains improvements. It's now possible to import the definitions of the Android favorite searches with the AndroidSync function. Once a favorite search was imported TV-Browser 4.2.4 is able to search for those favorites without the need of synchronizing them with AndroidSync. Apple devices with ARM CPU are now natively supported so that TV-Browser 4.2.4 runs with Java for ARM CPUs.

To the download of TV-Browser 4.2.4