TV-Browser 4.2 Final

Today we can finally release TV-Browser 4.2. The release took a little longer because the changes to Java 11 had to be tested to make sure everything works fine.

Windows users will now get a new form of TV-Browser packages. It's no longer needed to install a JRE on the system because TV-Browser will be shipped with it's own JRE that only contains the needed functions, so it's much smaller than a system wide JRE.

For users with other operation systems all keeps the same, just that TV-Browser now needs a Java 11 JRE to run.

Of course TV-Browser 4.2 also contains new features and bug fixes, espacially those who use high definition screens will finallly be able to use TV-Browser. A full list of the changes can be found in the changelog.

To the download of TV-Browser 4.2.