TV-Browser for Android 0.7 final

TV-Browser for Android 0.7 vP final is now available publicly at GooglePlay (if you decide to use the GooglePlay variant please consider rating it at GooglePlay). It is customized to work with Android 8 also. At the same time the free variant of TV-Browser for Android 0.7 was also published at GitHub.

It's not possible to install both variants on one device, you have to settle for one variant. You also cannot switch between variants without setting up the new installed variant again. But you can backup your settings, channels, Favorites and I don't want to see list with the help of the synchronization function and import that backup in any variant of TV-Browser.

For easy update of the free variant you can install the TV-Browser UpdatePlugin, it will search for new versions of TV-Browser regularly. To install TV-Browser free for the first time, it's also recommended to use the TV-Browser UpdatePlugin.