15 years of TV-Browser/TV-Browser for Android

Today TV-Browser has reached it's 15th birthday. To celebrate this occasion TV-Browser is back on Google Play thanks to Thorsten Giesecke.

Since it was necessary to release it as a new app at Google Play (with some limitations compared to the free version) it's currently only available for beta testers, but everybody can become a beta tester, just follow the link: become a beta tester of TV-Browser vP. To install the beta version you further have to deinstall the current TV-Browser app on your device.

To make sure your data can be restored, use the synchronization function of TV-Browser to upload your channels, favorites and settings configuration of the installed TV-Browser app.

If you prefer to keep your current (free) version of TV-Browser without limitations you can also test the new beta version with manually downloading and installing it on your device. In the future a plugin will be available that checks for new versions of the free TV-Browser and will be able to download and install it without you having to do it manually.