TV-Browser for Android 0.2 Final

After about six month of development TV-Browser for Android can be released as stable version today. All important functions are now available and stable working. You may experience slow performance with the enabled program table, so if you don't need the program table it is recommended to disable it. This only means that the next version can be optimized to work even better.

For the next version also expect to see plugin support, which leads to a wide variety of possible extensions that can be developed by others, like maybe switching your TV to a certain channel. Also better filter possibilities are targeted for the next version. If you want to follow the development, you can register as beta tester, after being accepted you can activate yourself as beta tester for the TV-Browser app. But before progressing with the development I need a short vacation, so don't expect to get beta versions soon.

For all critics out there, if you are rating the app with 1 to 3 stars, I would appreciate if you would also comment why you are rating so. Without proper explanation I'm unable to address the problems that are leading to your bad view of the app. But if you comment something like "Cannot watch TV with it", be sure that I won't address such a problem, because it's like criticizing "Cannot eat soup with a fork".

To the download of TV-Browser for Android.