TV-Browser 3.2.1 Final

TV-Browser speeds up. Older versions of TV-Browser were heavily troubled with a huge number of Favorite programs, so it went a little bit on the slow side. That's an issue of the past with TV-Browser 3.2.1. The speed when using with tabs was also improved and you can use the tree view in a tab. TV-Browser 3.2.1 can join two channels that are side by side in the program table if the data provider enabled it or the channels have separate time restrictions. TV-Browser 3.2.1 also fixes bugs, one severe that could have destroyed your filter component list when a plugin was deleted or disabled was also fixed.

Data provider can add more than one country to a channel, so for instance the channel 3sat can be filtered in TV-Browser for Germany and Swiss also beside the current filter for Austria.

You will find the list with all changes here.

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