TV-Browser 3.2 Final

Today we proudly present TV-Browser 3.2, it's the most advanced TV-Browser ever now with tab support. Until now plugins had to open their own windows to provide you with informations but since TV-Browser 3.2 they are able to show that information in the main window of TV-Browser. So you will get a far better accessibility to you're favorites, reminders and all other plugins that support the tabs. Plugins can also show a completely other program presentation than the program table like the Timeline plugin does.

The program info now has an information and navigation bar, you will find many new predefined filters for your convenience and some other improvements. TV-Browser 3.2 also fixes bugs for better stability. We've worked on better Persona support to make TV-Browser look gorgeous on every operating system. Note that the Personas are now disabled by default and TV-Browser 3.2 will take the font sizes from your system settings for better accessibility.

So we highly recommend to update to TV-Browser 3.2 to profit from the better user experience. We also suggest to look at the list of available plugins after the update to TV-Browser 3.2 because it has grown slightly since the last update of TV-Browser. Since this version we provide an own installation package for Fedora.

To the download of TV-Browser 3.2.