TV-Browser 3.1 Final

TV-Browser is becoming colorful. To Halloween, Christmas, season or any other event, TV-Browser 3.1 can look fitting for the own taste with support of Personas. For all that like it classical the old GUI is still available.

The program table will look more like the selected LookAndFeel theme with TV-Browser 3.1. How TV-Browser can look you can see here.

For easy handling and installing of new Personas the plugin PersonaHandler can be installed with the plugin download of TV-Browser. For those who only want to select the used Persona or to disable the Personas look at the graphical settings of TV-Browser.

Additional TV-Browser 3.1 fixes bugs and contains the new find as you type feature for search of program at the showing day.

For your information again, TV-Browser 3.1 also is shipped without the most plugins. All plugins are easy installable with the plugin download of TV-Browser.

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