TV-Browser 3.0.2 Final

TV-Browser is Plugin based, so most functions are done with installable components (Plugins). This includes the Plugins for the TV data.

Because everybody needs different function, TV-Browser 3.0.2 will not contain the most Plugins that were delivered with TV-Browser in the past. You can easily install the needed Plugins with the download function of TV-Browser. Additional for the meantime there will be a Plugin package that can be downloaded and installed with Drag'n'Drop in the program table, that contains all Plugins that were delivered with TV-Browser in the past. But no rule without exception, the News plugin will still be delivered with TV-Browser so you can receive News about TV-Browser. Besides that the four basic Plugins Favorites, Reminders, Program info and Search are also contained in TV-Browser.

You will find other Plugins in the internal download function of TV-Browser, that weren't delivered in the past, so you mind find some of them useful.

TV-Browser 3.0.2 contains some new features like the new filter dialog or the entering of access informations to data in the settings assistant.

TV-Browser 3.0.2 needs a Java version of at least JRE 6. You can use TV-Browser with the OpenJDK, so no Oracle Java is needed.
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