About TV-Browser

TV-Browser ....

...is a digital TV guide

TV-Browser gets the daily TV program from the internet and shows it clearly aranged - like a printed TV guide. An internet connection is only necessary during the data update.
Note:You can not use TV-Browser to watch TV.

... provides more than 1000 channels

Your favorite channel is probably already supported.

... is free

We don't have any commercial background. We just like to work at this project - in our spare time.

... contains no advertisement

We really don't want to earn money from the project.

... is open source

TV-Browser contains no evil code like spyware, backdoors or the like. The source is open. We can't hide anything.

... is platform independent

TV-Browser runs on every system with the Java runtime environment installed.
Get a Java Runtime Environment, if your computer does not support Java yet.

... is customizable

The look and feel of TV-Browser can be changed with the help of skins, Personas and icons. New features can be added to TV-Browser by installing a wide range of plugins.

A detailed list of features can be found in the user manual.

In the manual you can also find the complete history of the project. A list of Presse-Zitaten can be found there as well.

Current authors:

With questions and problems concearning the use of TV-Browser, please use the message board.

Former authors:

With questions and problems concerning the use of TV-Browser, please use the help.